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Just wanted to pop in to say "Yay, I made it!"

... And now I need to make an icon for Candela. Also, thanks for the invite for dariachu (Dinnerjacket) last night. For anyone that's not aware, that's the infamous boyfriend. He's a sweet, goofy guy. Just smack him if he gets too weird for your tastes. :)
just a reminder that we're going into RFC tonight at 8pm Server time (that's Central time).
Thursday is traitor's day for DotA/DotH but if RFC is anything like Stockades it won't take more than, 2 hours to run?

I don't mind popping over to NPS to run RFC before/after playing traitor, but I do want to play traitor for a bit.

What's everyone else's schedule like?
Nose is 17.5 and still has Ragefire Chasm quests. I think that's the right name. The one in Org? And since I've never done the horde thing before, I'd like to not skip it.

I've unofficially decided to play with the PJs on Wednesdays. Or maybe Thursdays. Does either of those work for anyone else?

And does anyone else want to go to the Chasm thingie? Or should I PUG it?
'allo girls!

I was wondering what times you play on this server? :o Is there any set days where people like to pop in and quest together or stuff like that? I've had the most rotten luck lately with logging in and being the only one on. D:

Anyway, I know there's no set 'omg be on at this time!11' schedule or anything, but when do you usually find yourself skittering over here for some horde side goodness? My time is normally pretty flexible and I'd like to be able to be on when other people are. *nods*
I can NOT get in to sen'jin. I can get in to every other server, but not sen'jin. eitrigg, bronzebeard, even sargeras are all working fine. :P
well, I was going to play over here tonight, but I'm hanging on retrieving character list.

so I guess I'll farm with tracks or something. :P
so Sen'Jin is on the list of servers that people can't create new characters on. but it's still listed as low pop. wonder what's up with that?
Your banker has been born, a level 5 troll sweetie with disenchanting skills. Yes, her actual name is Bankbabe. :D She's already gotten some donations of cash, armor, and other goodies. I'll be doing updates on Sunday mornings, I believe, the same way DotA's is done.

Tabard Fund: 57 silver. WOO!

(No, she doesn't have an icon yet because I kept screwing up in Irfanview trying to put text on the icon. Bleargh.)
we have achieved wool ladies and gentlemen!

so I'm only a few points from the 8 slot bag. :D

now accepting all donations of wool in anticipation of that happy event, but keep the linen coming for the skill ups to get me there.