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so I have Wolffepsyche, my very first (retail) character sitting on Sargeras, a PvP server. She's level 51.

Transfers are open on Sargeras and I can't see anything about Sen'Jin being off-limits.

so here's my dilemma. I can leave her sitting there, forever, as sort of a sentimental first character deal, or I can transfer her to Sen'Jin where she can quickly get to 60 and farm like mad for the Pajama Squad.

I'm just not sure if it would be worth it since we play so casually.

what do you guys think?

(edit: shoulda maybe mentioned she's a nelf hunter. so it would be total money twinkage for the hordelings.)
(Deleted comment)
I have no idea. never really paid much attention, although I bet you could find out quick with a glance through the realm forum.
(Deleted comment)
I think it would be a good idea. A higher level will be nice to help some of us who need it.

But ultimately, it's up to you :)

I'd like to get to 60 with my warrior :) But what ever you want to do :)
er, should have maybe said she's a nelf hunter.

I'm thinking farm for money, transfer it hordeside and twink the hell out of anyone needing twinkage.

That should work too!

Hmmm! :)
Ohhh, that'd rock. I wonder if I can transfer my rogue from Eitrigg?

Besides, are you playing her at all on Sargeras? And NPS is a wonderful escape. Sure it's casual, but we have spurts where we just have to go to the other side.
actually, I should have put this in the original post, but I would be on the other side. she is, of course, a nelf hunter. *points at icon*

I was thinking she could farm for money, which could be transferred via AH and thus supply us with twinkage.
Reva's 41 (42?). I'd love to move her over and it looks like they're opening up Eitrigg to let us transfer today. And she'd make it easy to get to any neutral ah for twinkage passage.

and no. I don't play her at all. I gave all my gold to a guildie, but I'm still outfitted pretty well.

your icon is strangely compelling.