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Is there a clearly better race for a priest horde side? (Like Dwarves alliance side).

I can't resist and I'm making a Belf mage to go along with the hunter babe. The arcane affinity is just too good.

And I think I'll be hanging out in the PJs for a bit.
*tickles guildies*

Helloooo in there! I just wanted to let you know that Adam and I rolled our Blood Elves on this server. I didn't want to start over anywhere else because at least here, i know you guys even if we aren't all on together very much.

I would love to get a guild invite for her sometime. If you want to let me know a time you can be on, I can arrange to hop on then too. : ) I am having fun with her already. Her name's Saidar (my other character by that name was a place holder for her)

<3 you all.
Inspired by FROSTSHOCK!!! I made a troll shaman named...


okay, so it amuses me. She's level 5 at the moment and will need a guild invite. I stopped at 5 because I really do need to clean my house today.
Since I've been so close to 60 on BB, I have been neglecting the PJ Squad!

I hope to fix this after hitting 60 :)

Just wanted ya'll to know!

so I have Wolffepsyche, my very first (retail) character sitting on Sargeras, a PvP server. She's level 51.

Transfers are open on Sargeras and I can't see anything about Sen'Jin being off-limits.

so here's my dilemma. I can leave her sitting there, forever, as sort of a sentimental first character deal, or I can transfer her to Sen'Jin where she can quickly get to 60 and farm like mad for the Pajama Squad.

I'm just not sure if it would be worth it since we play so casually.

what do you guys think?

(edit: shoulda maybe mentioned she's a nelf hunter. so it would be total money twinkage for the hordelings.)
latest hooker on the street.

my butt was kicked muchly, but I did it. the son of arugal is a big pain in the ass. he reminds me a lot of mor'ladim.

I also got a 12 slot soul bag, but I'm not sure if I should equip it. is it worth losing the "regular" bag space? I usually only keep about 5 shards on me at a time.
Got my brand spanking new Tauren druid to ... 7 last night. I think. And I was pissed that you get no XP for the fire thing from all the capitols. More so because I stayed up until almost midnight doing it. Heh.

So tomorrow night I'm going to try to get Nose her hooker and then play Wolffehide for the rest of the night. I need an icon for her.